About Rosemount Technology Centre

Rosemount Technology Centre is one of the largest English technical career training centre in Quebec. RTC is a modern facility with up-to-date technological equipment and comprehensive student services.

RTC offers full-time career programs authorized and funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education. The skills, training and technical knowledge acquired in these programs are in great demand in business and industry throughout North America. The courses are based on a modular system in which each student learns and progresses in a systematic manner.

An important component of each program is the work-study placement in which the students have the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in an actual work setting. The work-study assignment is individually tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of students. The contacts and experiences in both work-study and cooperative programs frequently lead to permanent employment.

In general, the centre is structured as a business educational environment, similar to industry, with computer labs, technology rooms and workshops. Among the many services offered by RTC to its students are counselling, career advisory, library and cafeteria.

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